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I will update the latest version of the game on my Patreon page.
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I have finished to make the Gay adult game named "Hachienden".

It's novel-based RPG game. The main characters are illustrated by GorouNaoki. Enemies are illustrated by me.

GorouNaoki's patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/gorounaoki

But now, it has only Japanese-version.  Some people asked me to translate into English, so I started to translate.  I'm not a native English speaker, so my translation is poor and slow.

If I can get support from here or Patreon, I can pay for professional translation, which can accelerate the process a lot.

I'm very happy if someone can share the translation work. It's ok if you cannnot understand Japanese. I want English native speakers to review my poor translation.


The translation is still in progress.  If you find grammatically weird  sentences, please report them to me by email.  If you have any problems,  please let me know.

Translated: Trial

・Main story, character story: 50%

・It almost equal to v0.11. Further version can be downloaded on Patreon.

・Next update here will be product version (not free).



Daniel C Williams:  Karunama@yahoo.com  Discord handle #5338



StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(136 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsAdult, Bara, Gay


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how can i play this fully game?I can not play the after chapter for it said not translate yet and nothin

Please wait a little more for the fully translated game.


when will the  fully translated game. complete?

Deleted 10 days ago

Can't wait for this to be fully translated. Keep up the good work.

Is v23 the last update or theres gonna be an extra update??

There will be further minor correction. All the story parts have been translated.

How i get Takepachi event Top ? MC always got bottom.Also i almost got all ending only Takepachi i didnt get, did i miss something ???

If you have seen Takepachi's 4th event, you have to spend time by exploring somewhere (mountains, lake, etc) to see Takepachi's final (fifth) event. If you haven't seen 4th event, you have to proceed main story.

i see,it seem i missing something main story i need to climb Volcano to gain item.Thx u Tsukumon

Where are the save files for the game on a PC? (or am i just dumb and cant find it)


If you are using Windows, save folder is under 'www' folder. If you are using Mac, it's under 'Game.app'→'Contents'→'Resources'→'app.nw' folder.


Thank you so much for telling me!

I don't understand what all the symbols mean on the bottom right of the screen. Like the food one and the feudal lord looking one.

You can collect money from village/fort/Yaro castle if there is the symbol of food/helm/castle.

Thank you so much :)

Will there be an option to re-read the dialogs of the main cast ?

Yes, there is recollection room for re-reading all character stories and other erotic events after the endings.


Will the full game be available for Android?

I don't have plan to make full Android version. But you can use Windows version if emulator app is working.


do you know any emulator app then?

I think he's talking about JoiPlay. This app with it's plugins supports most VN and RPG Maker games.

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Where do I find theprosperity pepper for the ogre and I defeated all the wanted except for ashina where can i find him


How close is the translation to finishing? I am really looking forward to buying the final product.


I think it's in a half year.

I got the most recent patreon version and I wanna ask, is it possible to unlock the new area(s?) before progressing the main story? I wanna get all the yaro castle suggestions before progressing past the trial version if I can but I need items from the other areas I think.

You can visit a Mine in the patreon version. In the mine, you can get some new items like gemstones. You have to proceed the main story to visit the mine.

How can I get to the mine?

I think my game is glitched, am I supposed to stay at level one, or how do i level up

There is no way to level up in this game, but you can make your character stronger by equipment/items and skills.

I'm confused. Am I still Prego or did I lose the baby?

The whole story of this game is done within half year, so you are still Prego after reading Takepachi stories.

Do you think I get to name it?

Is there a way to make the game downloadable through the Itch app?

The items that change body don't seem to work? Whenever I check appearance after using them there is no change. The exception seems to be the orbs.

Could you tell me which item(s) did you use? 

Sure let I'll look it up I kept the items because I didn't want to waste them. They still in my inventory I'll look them up and post them in my next comment.

The innocent herb,impure herb, and eternal drug.  When I use them I check appearance after, and nothing changes. The orbs work, I used the Minotaur orb and the Werewolf orb and I had no issues. 

Also the forest monster The Nue I think its name was seems really strong. When I try to attack it with temptation or skills I can't do any damage. I only have four skills unlock. My character is equiped with Iron Dildo, Fundoshi, Headband, Sparrow ring and Sparrow Amulet. I don't know if the creature is unkillable or if I'm just too weak?

Thank you for your report! We'll check the effects of the items and update if there is a bug.
About Nue, you can beat it. If Nue is too strong, please visit him after you get cooperation of companions in various locations. When you get cooperation, you can learn 'Art'. Some 'Art' are very strong for beating Nue. 

Also the vigor pepper and longevity drug aren't working? I guess its or something, there was a item that increased the ball size and body hair that didn't work but I don't remember what it is called. The body changing items rarely work for me except for the workout those work and I have no issues with the orbs.

Ok, we will check these items too. Thank you for your information!

So will this game be free or only in patreon when it's finished translating? Aka the full game

Full game version will not be free here. We will distribute it to the patrons in Patreon when translation is done.

will my data save if i download a new version

You can transfer your save data to a new version by copy&paste 'save' folder. 

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I cannot enter mine. I have downloaded the latest version from patreon. Already defeated the volcano dragon boss and got the bear guy to convince Fuji to make ogre medicine. I still haven't unlocked the cave and have no idea how to trigger meeting with flame mseona. 


Did you get Flame Mesona? If you got, please visit the Amino castle to make ogre medicine. After you use medicine (insense of relief), the sword event starts. I'll check if these events work well or not this weekend. Sorry if this is the bug.


Yes it worked. I just had to enter the mountain again.

I got the latest update. Will we be able to top all guys? I hope we can top the Kazenori guy, it would be so hot haha. Also the guy at the inn. 


Are you only in Itchio or also in other places? can I only buy the game in Patreon?

Hi. The newest versions are published on Patreon page.

I can't figure out where to find the gemstones like topaz, is there an area I havent found yet?

If you are playing the trial version, you cannot find gemstones.

I just pledged to patreon so now I have the full version, where can I find the gems?

Please proceed main story. In the story, you have to go to the Mine. You can gain gems in the Mine.

how do you get the monster lozenge?

It can be composed in Moritane's house.
It needs 2 Pond Water and 2 Water Lily. Both items can be found in the lake.

thanks so much, I didn't see that before!


Will there be an Android version?

Hi! I don't have plan to make Android version, but you can play Windows version with RPG maker emulator.

Does anyone knows how to find an half monster cum? for shape shift soul?

Hi, you can get half monster cum in the event of the basement of the Yaro castle.  Please enter the room in the basement.

'Love this Version with more translations - even if some are still a bit "rough" - but once I've sated my "appetite" and played it through far enough, I'll gladly help with some of the expressions and grammar-mistakes I found via Mail or Discord (quicker).

One of the most valuable Patreons I'm supporting so far...'looking forward to more translations and hopefully will find the time to help you with proof-reading/corrections and logical or grammatical mistakes in the English Expressions (some did make me giggle a little and some even were a bit hard to understand their meaning, but I'll be happy to help refine it, if there's nobody else doing that already until then).

Cheers and keep up the good work - longer reflection under the Comment asking for a (more detailed/complete) Guide...

Thank you! We'll let you know when we need your help!

Is there any guide to this? I have no idea where to get some items


There is a library in the Amino castle. You can get information of items in the library.


But it doesn't have every item, like it doesn't mention paper or aquamarine anywhere

Yeah, it could need some Updating for the newer areas.
Also: is the order, in which the items are mentioned, also an expression of their drop-rate/likeliness to get them?

Since I also got some "Slippery Fibres" for example in the Mountains, but they're not really mentioned there. Yet, in the Forest (Tier 1 Difficulty) it seems to drop more often, but it's kinda dangerous there until the Monster at the end has been beaten.

Also, there are two items, that enlarge genitals greatly, but only one single item, that increases ejaculation slightly/slowly. But if I want my character to be a "heavy breeder" like the Minotaurs, Horsemen or Ogres, it would take ages to get there currently.
Could you change one of these items into "greatly increasing amount of ejaculation" maybe?
- It's nice to get all the ingredients for this item on the East Path in different amounts though, but I still could only get to 171 ml so far and spend quite a few hours already grinding for ingredients...

So, it'd really be nice to not have two major genital-size-increase-items, but instead one for genitals and one for ejaculation-amount.
And/or: you could also increase that with the growth of the balls automatically (As the volume increases [depending on which diameter of the egg-shape you take when measuring it - the smaller or bigger one -, I'm sure there's a mathematical formula to calculate that depending on the proportions of the original, which you can just assume as a fixed number in the formula that makes sense, and then have a factor increase the ejaculate-production by that. It's not biological accurate, of course, but still a plausible enough fantasy-gayme compromise ;-P ] it increases the ejaculation-amount by a certain factor).

Oh, and one thing, that really annoyed me a bit: you're using two different units (metric for the character and imperial for the genital-sizes of Minotaurs, Horsemen etc. at the least) - you could either let the player choose that and implement it easily into the code in the background (1 Inch = 2.54 cm ) or have them both displayed at once, if that's too much work for the moment.

So much about it for now. I still love the whole overall concept and am glad to finally have a Ga(y)me like that available in (mostly ;-P ) English, too.

I'll chip into Discord soon, when I've roamed through it (again) enough to have unlocked  and modified everything as far as it feels "ok" still - yet the whole seed-production I might even give up on since it'll take ages to get all the ingredients to get to a Gallon per load (= 4546 milliliters  ).

Also, it would be really hot, if that would at least be meaningful then - and becum some kind of "feeding" for Moritane and the other Loverboys ;-P - like the Ogres already. When you reach "Ogre-Breeding"-Volumes, that you're maybe also taken-in by them even more.

Oh, and one more thing about the necessity for the M-Preg-Ogre-Option as part of the progress: will that have any truly meaningful effect in the storyline? - Because unless you make new Ogres and have a nursery or something similar in the background, that doesn't make much sense - inflation and  absorption makes much more sense. Maybe even use it as "natural cum production potion" and have Ogres seal their seed inside their partners for them to digest it and get stronger or turn into Ogres themselves...I dunno, there's really too many options and I dunno where the whole story will be going eventually.

But if you need someone who has a naughty imagination to reflect upon possibilities and consequences of mechanics, let me know - I can immerse myself into Worlds like that pretty well and find "weird/odd" or redundant things, that either need to be more meaningful or change in order for the whole piece to feel "logical" - even in its complexity. Complexity is sexy/awesome, but it needs to make sense also in order to keep people "enchanted"/fascinated by it...

So, I'm still happy to be a Patreon since the overall direction of the Story and general Game Mechanics, that are implemented right now, are already awesome. "The Devil is in the Details", of course - as always. And let's "flush him out" with a Gallon of you know *wink wink*...

does anyone know how to access the mine all the way north and next to the ninja village, if so let me know, thank you.


Mine will be added in the next update.

why is my hachienden still on version 2?

It is essentially a demo. To get the updates he is posting about, you need to be on his patreon.

Seems like this does not run on M1 macs, right?

I'm not sure... sorry.

I don't have one of those, unfortunately, but only an older Intel-Mac with a deprecated OS-X-Version (10.11.xx).

If Tsukomon programs on Windows, you might need to set some executive bits in the App-Packages to run it since Windows File System doesn't know these. And, as always, allow it in the Security Settings to run this App at all. Also try to run it under Rosetta since there is a Compatibility Layer in the new OS-X-Versions, I know.

It will probably just need some fiddling with these security options and in worst case you'll need to set the executive-bit in the executable inside the App-Package, but that's really easily done.
(See this Apple Support Article for more details)

I have an m1 Mac too and I never got it to work, unfortunately.

Any clue how to finish main story ???

Hi i download the game but it like a file not a app 

And theen i dont know how to fix it or download the app 🥺


In the case you use Android version, please follow below.

 1. Download the zip file 2. Unzip with unzip app 3. Install RPG maker emulator app like Joiplay or MaldiVas, 4. Start the Game.app in the unzipped folder with installed emulator app.

I haven't tried with all the android versions, so I cannot assure that you can play it, sorry...

up to where has the game been translated??? *Secretly dreads using translators again...*

Thank you for all the work you are doing <3 


About the Mpreg content it will be available in the next update or is it only from the Japanese version


I will translate Takepachi stories in the next update. Sorry for making you wait!

I've been playing this for weeks and i thought it can be updated but it turns out it wasn't free but still gonna rate this a five star

How do I proceed with Chuemon's story? Where do you get the paper and sugar cane to craft the incubus flyer for the mating game for Chuemon?


The paper can be found in the slum. Sugar cane can be found in the lake.

How can I proceed to Kazenori story? And how to beat Ashina? my temptation and skill don't have any damage to the boss.

Kazenori lives in a ninja village. You can proceed his story by paying money after you meet him in the village.
You can increase the attack power in the inn where Fujiyasu is working. You can go to the inn through mountains.

Yall i don't know how to access inventory or the bag or i cant use an item i use Joiplay help me 😢

Menu key is 'X' key. Have you tried to push 'X' key with the keyboard screen?

Deleted 1 year ago

Oh shoot i finally figured it out HAHHAHAH

Good to know that!

i really liked the game but i wanted to know if the updates will be only for the patreon or later will it be available for download ?

I plan to update one time for free version here. The product version will not be free.

Hey, Just a little problem but on the mac version you cant save, like at all



・If you cannot save data or options, please move Game app to another folder and restart it.

・If you cannot open game app, please try:

When you unzip the zip folder, try 'The Unarchiver.app' instead of 'Archive utility'.

Or, try this:

Go into your "System Preferences > Security & Privacy" settings and in the "General" tab, there's an option you can select:

Allow apps downloaded from:


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